Complete ISCCP D2 Data Now Available On-Line

The ISCCP D2 3-hourly monthly mean datasets are now available from the ISCCP download site.

Each yearly file is in UNIX tar gzip format, and contains a total of 108 files for each available ISCCP full year dataset, including 1984 through 2004. The tar file for the year 1983 contains a total of 54 files for the months July through December.

Each uncompressed tar file contains nine files for each month. The nine monthly files consists of eight 3-hourly monthly mean files, as well as one monthly mean file.

For the naming convention of these D2 monthly files, visit our New Dataset Naming Convention for ISCCP (2001) web page.

If you are downloading any of these datasets, you will also need to review the D2 software web page, as well as the ISCCP D2 New Cloud Documentation.