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Please note that ISCCP data processing is now performed at NOAA/NCEI.
Please visit the NOAA/NCEI website for access to ISCCP H data products and other up-to-date information.

Summary Listing of Other Datasets Available On-Line

  • GEWEX Cloud System Study Data Integration for Model Evaluation (GCSS-DIME)
  • Global Radiation Budget of Planet, Atmosphere, and Surface
  • Atmosphere Climatology: Monthly and seasonal maps and plots of
    • total column water vapor,
    • mean temperature at 740 mb,
    • mean temperature at 375 mb,
    • mean ozone column abundance,
    • mean atmospheric temperature at 500 mb,
    • mean stratosphere temperature at 50mb,
    • mean Precipitable Water for 1000-680mb,
    • mean Precipitable Water for 680-310mb,
    • mean tropopause temperature,
    • mean tropopause pressure,
    • upper tropospheric humidity
  • Surface Climatology: Monthly and seasonal maps and plots of
    • snow and ice cover fraction (part I),
    • surface skin temperature (part I),
    • surface air temperature (part I),
    • total albedo (part I),
    • land surface visible and near-infrared (part II),
    • surface infrared and microwave emissivities (part II),
    • satellite sea surface temperature (part III).

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