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ISCCP DX/D1 Data for Fire I Cirrus Field Campaign

FIRE I Cirrus took place from 13 October through 2 November 1986 in the upper midwest USA centered on Madison, Wisconsin. The experimental area extended from about 30N to 55N latitude and from 80W to 125W longitude.

Selected variables from the ISCCP DX and D1 datasets are available here for display as GIF images, or for downloading to your local disk. If you are downloading data, you may also wish to see the browse data format description. The full documentation for the ISCCP DX and D1 data is in ISCCP Documentation of Cloud Data (PDF).

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If you have selected DX data, now select a satellite. GOES-6 is the primary satellite for this region. For the special case study dates only (marked with '*' on the list of dates below) NOAA-9 data is also available.

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